Digital Technologies


Ms. S. Wood

The Digital World – Grade 9

All grade 9 students will take this course, which will explore all kinds of computer technologies while demonstrating your digital citizenship.  Learn design principles for various media, improve your skills in various areas such as word processing, presentations, photo stories, and create your own electronic portfolio.

Media Creations – Grade 9

Learn about purposeful Visual Design in both print and movie form. Here you’ll learn how to operate still and video cameras, use graphic and video editing software, and create some fun graphic projects using great digital design.

Media Creations – Grades 10-12

Apply the basics of visual design to working in a variety of digital topics. You pursue a variety of topics in graphic design and illustration, Digital design and presentation, Web Design, Computer Animation, Cinematography, Sound and Video editing, Video Effects, and Printing using the sublimation process to transfer ink onto objects such as a mug, mousepad, etc. The Adobe Suite is the main software used throughout this course.

Photography – Grades 10-12

Do you like to take pictures?  Do you like to have fun with them?  In this course we will learn how to take better photos, how to edit those photos and turn them into composite artwork. Compose your photos better.  Work with different lenses, lighting, both indoor and outdoor photography, colors, black and white, etc.  Expand your use of more advanced features of a DLSR camera. Use your talents to create a product of choice using the sublimation process (mug, mouse pad, clock, etc) as well as to create other projects using your photos.