UNESCO Associated School Network

UNESCO Associated School

Ecole Olds High School is a member of the UNESCO Associated Schools Network.  We strive to create a culture of peace in our school, our community and our world by emphasizing UNESCO Ideals :    Learning to Be, to Know, to Do and to Live Together through the UNESCO Associated School Network Themes :  Inter-Cultural Education, Human Rights Education, Global Concerns and the Role of the UN and Education for Sustainable Development in all areas of our school.

As a defender of human rights, we support fair trade in our classrooms and at school events.  Fair trade is a way of doing business with people in the global south that ensures producers of many of the products we rely on, such as coffee, chocolate, bananas, sugar, spices, and artisanal products, earn a living wage and realize gender equality.  Children are able to go to school and are not exploited or used as slaves,  the environment is  respected and communities decide on their own economic and community development.  This is international development at its best - culturally appropriate and people empowering.  Look for this international gold standard mark    and change the world through your purchases.

 In the words of Martin Luther King  “Without Justice, there can be no Peace”