Academic Team

Academic Team is an alternative education program that provides high school courses in a self-directed, seminar based learning environment. The program is rooted in the belief that students will master more knowledge, develop better skills, and take learning more seriously, if given increased responsibility for their own learning. Academic Team is committed to providing a quality education in an environment which encourages personal growth through thedevelopment of responsibility, maturity, self-motivation, and dedication.

  • Seminar based learning means less frequent but more intensive teacher directed classes balanced with increased student responsibility and freedom.
  • The A.T. approach allows for more teacher/student one-on-one time and therefore a more personalized approach to learning .
  • High school provides the perfect sheltered environment for this growing process; here students have a safety net of parents and teachers to support them in their development of self reliance.
    We believe that students who have self-directed skills will have a definite advantage in the “real world” of post secondary school and work.

The majority of instruction in Academic Team occurs during organized seminars which provide both teacher direction and a venue for instruction.

  • Seminars are held periodically (usually two to three times per week). Seminars provide for direct teacher instruction as well as a lively group learning dynamic.
  • A seminar based program allows students to experience a degree of self-direction while still having the benefit of teacher guidance.
  • When not in seminar a student must manage his or her own time, work independently or in small groups, and most importantly, seek out their instructor for extra help when needed.
  • Our experience has led us to believe that this is the best of both worlds: students have more freedom and take on more responsibility, yet the seminar based program provides an acceptable timeline for progress and insures formal teacher contact.
  • It is our experience that students who ‘buy in’ to the A.T. experience, that is: complete their school work with diligence, seek teacher assistance regularly and spend lots of time in the A.T. community, have a very successful and enjoyable learning experience in Academic Team.

All A.T. courses are governed by the Alberta Program of Studies.

  • Grade 10 students must enroll in all core courses:
    • Humanities 10 (Social Studies & English),
    • Math 10-C,
    • Science 10,
    • Calm 20.
  • This commitment comprises 1/2 of the day for the entire year.  Grade 10 A.T. students will utilize Green Quad during blocks 3, 4 and 5. Afternoons will be spent in seminar, accessing one-on-one help, and working independently.
  • All A.T. students write provincial diploma exams in grade 12.

Contact Lindsay Clendinning or Brad Clapp for more information on the A.T. Program.