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École Olds High School is part of the Community Learning Campus (CLC). The CLC is an innovative approach to high school, post-secondary, and community education. The CLC addresses specific rural needs by sharing resources and working jointly with a variety of community groups and agencies. Currently, we have about 600 students, grades 9 - 12 enrolled at our school. ÉOHS is embracing a high school experience that provides more schedule flexibility and increased student self-direction in order to better serve 21st Century learners. The physical design of our facility reflects a non-traditional (non-industrial model) personalized learning environment. Organized around four learning communities or ‘Quads,’ core subjects are embraced by interdisciplinary teams of teachers working with a fixed group of students. Our teaching staff is extensively involved in a variety of professional development activities besides normal conference and workshop involvements. Our staff are leaders on district committees, they are active diploma and achievement exam markers and test designers, and we are all committed to lifelong learning alongside our students. Our school programs focus on preparedness after high school for our students. Post-Secondary Preparation, Career Connections, Green Certificates, RAP and Dual Credit programming are all current opportunities offered to students at EOHS.


Our school is an active part of the Olds community. Involvement of businesses and individuals in our programs and operations has strengthened and diversified the educational opportunities available to our students. The support of parents, students, and local organizations has assisted in the evolution of a school that we are all proud of École Olds High School is a proud member of the UNESCO Associated School’s network and a Fair Trade School.

Academic excellence is achieved by many students and attainable by most who dedicate their efforts towards success at École Olds High School. Specialized programs such as Kaleidoscope, Dual Credit, RAP, and diverse offerings in Career and Technology Studies all thrive at OHS. The focus throughout is to provide opportunities and assistance to maximize success. Aside from the curricular programming there is a large collection of extra-curricular groups. Those students who are so inclined will find an activity to pursue which enhances their growth and maturation as citizens of the future.


650 students




Ms. Meaghan Reist


Vice-Principal: Mr. Kent Lorenz

Vice-Principal: Ms. Shelley Sayers


Tomorrow's Best Today


To foster learning in a safe, challenging, and diverse environment.


École Olds High School offers a vital educational program. We are committed to:

  1. Reinforcing the values of honesty, integrity, and respect for self, others, and property.
  2. Providing a progressive environment with a variety of educational programs that motivate students and staff to meettheir individual potentials as life-long learners.
  3. Recognizing the importance of personal responsibility and mutual accountability by students, staff, and parents in the educational process.
  4. Offering dynamic curricular and extra-curricular opportunities in a disciplined setting.
  5. Nurturing a cooperative relationship between the school and the community.
  6. Using technology effectively to support learning and communicating.


To ensure that École Olds High School provides educational opportunities that enable students to become responsible and productive members of society.


Responsible Citizenship: École Olds High School values the qualities of an informed citizen: honesty, integrity, and respect for others.

Personal Responsibility: École Olds High School values life-long learning and believes that education is an interactive and intrinsic process for each individual.

Equity and Diversity of Opportunity: École Olds High School values a rich learning environment and believes that it is important to provide a wide variety of curricular and extra-curricular programming that addresses the needs and interests of all students.

Professionalism of Teachers: École Olds High School recognizes professionalism of teachers and believes in the professional capability of its teaching staff to grow as educators.

Active Involvement of Parents: École Olds High School values the involvement of parents in the education of their children and believes that parents can and do play a vital role in contributing to student success.

Community Involvement: École Olds High School values interaction with the community and believes that the school is an integral component of the community.