If your child is absent:

Please call the office to report the absence

Please tell your student they are responsible for checking google classroom, and communicating with their classmates and teacher for what they missed.

Attendance Matters!


If your child's attendance is becoming a concern, please contact your child's teacher. They are your partner in helping your child succeed in school!

Make school attendance a priority in your home:

  • Communicate the importance of regular school attendance.
  • Have regular evening and homework routines.
  • Schedule family events and appointments during non-school hours whenever possible.
  • Reach out to your child's teacher with any questions or concerns about attendance.

We understand your child will be away at times because of illness and other reasons.
Our priority is to eliminate unnecessary absences so that your child can learn, connect and succeed in school!

We're here to help your child succeed in learning and in life.