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Karla Pohl

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Phone: 403-556-3391 ext 4657

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Hi, my name is Karla Pohl. I have been teaching at Olds High since 2008. I am very passionate about SCIENCE and love to witness my students engaging in anything science related. I currently teach physics 20 and 30, biology 20 and 30, chemistry 20 and biochemistry 20. I graduated from the U of A with a BSc. Specialization in Microbiology and After Degree in Education with a major in Biological Sciences and a minor in Physics and Chemistry. 

I live in Olds with my husband and our son. We enjoy camping, biking, hiking and really anything outdoors.  I also have a passion for sports, especially volleyball, soccer, hockey and basketball. 

I enjoy working at Olds High School! We have a great staff but most importantly we have a fantastic group of students!!!