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Rhonda West

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Phone: 403-556-3391

Key Roles

Education: BA, BEd
Teaching Experience: English, Drama and Stained Glass
Volunteer/Coaching Experiences: Director of the Drama Club’s annual musical production
Favourite Quote: Drama is life with the dull bits cut out  -Alfred Hitchcock

I was born and mostly raised in Calgary, AB. We moved east when I started high school and I graduated in Strathmore. After working for a few years, I went to the University of Calgary where I obtained my Bachelor of Arts in English and then went on to get my Education degree. In  the fall of 1999, I began my teaching career in the small community of Spirit River, Alberta. I came to Old High School in 2002 and began by teaching Language Arts and Social Studies to grade 8 and 9's.

From the very beginning of my time here, I got involved with the annual drama production.  As the years went by, my classes came to include the Drama courses, and more recently the Stained Glass courses.  One of the highlights for me is directing the annual drama production. It is a great deal of work, but we have an amazing team!