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Erin Ferbey

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Phone: 403-556-3391 Ext 4659

As a teacher, my goal is to create an inclusive learning environment where all students feel empowered, engaged and safe. I believe that every student deserves multiple chances or a fesh start to thrive academically and personally.  I am dedicated to providing students with diverse and dynamic learning opportunities.

In my classroom, I encourage honesty and creativity. I strive to foster a sense of community and respect, celebrating the unique strengths and backgrounds of each student. It is important to me that every student feels valued and supported, and has a voice. I am committed to promoting a positive and inclusive atmosphere where everyone can grow and succeed.

Outside of the classroom, I have a variety of personal interests. I enjoy cooking and eating out, traveling, sports, and Book Club. I believe that these interests often provide valuable opportunities for learning and growth, and I am always excited to incorporate them into my lessons whenever possible.


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