The Learning Center

The ÉOHS Learning Centre is a unique learning environment allowing informal and supportive teacher-learner relationships to further student success. Each student learning program is unique, utilizing the concept of self-directed programming, one-to-one tutorials, modules, independent learning projects, and computer assisted delivery. Students needing a non-traditional, individualized setting may benefit from the Leaning Centre environment. 

Students work at their own pace within set deadlines, reaching for a personal level of mastery. Students need to maintain regular attendance to be successful and it is strongly recommended that students create and adhere to an attendance plan.

Students have the ability to complete all or part of their program in the Learning Centre and blend the rest of their program in a regular program classroom. 

In addition to programming for 9-12 students, the ÉOHS Learning Centre provides programming for students wishing to upgrade courses. 

Other benefits/highlights of the ÉOHS Learning Centre include:

  • Flexible programming for students having difficulty meeting traditional school requirements due to various reasons
  • Flexible entry date to start school
  • Ability to write Diploma Exams in November, January, April, or June
  • Access to all ÉOHS support services